10 Electric Smoker Tips to Get the Best Results

While it is good to have high quality electric smoker, one thing that can make the latter even better would be having the right knowledge on how it is used to be confident of getting the best output. With this, it is critical to pay attention to the electric smoker tips that will be revealed in the succeeding paragraphs. Regardless of how expensive is the smoker that you are using, if you are not doing the right things, you will end up with the output that fails to deliver your anticipation. The tips that will be mentioned will be especially helpful for beginners who might be still be trying to figure out how to end up with the best smoked meats.

Helpful Electric Smoker Tips

  • Buy from a reputable brand.

This is one of the best things that can be done to ensure the best output. While there are many brands that are available in the marketplace, it does not mean that they are all the same in terms of quality. While it may be tempting to settle with the cheapest option that you will be confronted with, never compensate quality. In most instances, I would suggest that you consider price over quality to have the most outstanding smoker in terms of quality and functionality.

  • Put the smoker in its proper place.

It is recommended that you make sure that the electric smoker is placed in its ideal location. First, keep in mind that it should never be used indoors because it produces carbon monoxide and can prove to be dangerous in the absence of adequate ventilation.  If the unit is placed in an uneven surface, it could fall and can cause injury and can damage the product. The ideal location for an electric smoker would be a covered porch.

  • Create the best marinade.

In order to achieve the best flavor, see to it that the best marinade is made. There are many commercially available products, such as rubs and exotic spices, which will help you create the aroma and the taste that is preferred. It is also good to have the meat marinated overnight to allow the flavor to seep through. For beginners, there are recipes online that will prove to be helpful in making the perfect mix to get a smoky and woody flavor.

  • Leave the fat.

Many people who smoke meat are often health-conscious as well, which is why there is a common misconception that it would be best to remove the fat. In reality, however, it would be best if the fatty portion of the meat will be retained, as it will melt as well. With the fat, you can expect enhanced flavor.

  • Know when to remove the meat.

Once smoking is done, it is not recommended that the meat should stay inside the electric smoker for an extended period of time as it can lead into dryness and loss of flavor. If you smoked briskets and roast chicken or turkey, it is recommended that you wait for five minutes before they are finally served. On the other hand, if you smoked pork chops and steaks, it would be best to have it served immediately.

  • Choose the right cuts of meat.

Smoking is a process that is slow and low, which is why choosing meat with tender cuts will not be good.  They can dry quickly and can end up being inedible. The best thing that can be done is to choose those with undesirable cuts that are usually tough and chewy, such as in the case of pork shoulder, pork ribs, and beef brisket. They can take advantage of the slow cooking process and can end up being tender and flavorful.

  • Use a thermometer.

Temperature is one of the critical factors that will have an effect on the smoked meat. With this being said, it is important that you invest in a thermometer, which will ensure that the right temperature is achieved. The desired temperature will depend on whether you desire to have hot or cold smoke. This will also provide you with the confidence that under and over-cooking can be avoided.

  • Sauce it up.

Saucing the meat after having it smoked will also prove to be important, which is one way of being able to enhance the flavor. There are readily-made sauces that can be bought. If you are feeling energized, you can also make your own sauce from scratch, depending on what is available in your kitchen. Try to keep the sauce as subtle as possible so that the smoky flavor will not be overpowered.

  • Choose the right wood or wood chips.

The importance of wood chips lies on the fact that they add aroma and flavor to the meat that is being smoked. Some of the most popular wood chips that are used by many people include mesquite, pine, spruce, cedar, oak, pecan, apple, and peach. The chips should be soaked for at least an hour or overnight, if there is sufficient time available.

  • Fill the water pan.

The water pan is an important part of the electric smoker because it is responsible for adding flavor to what is being smoked. While the most popular option is to have it filled with water, you can also consider apple juice as an alternative. Aside from fruit juices, another popular idea is to have the pan filled with wine, vinegar, or beer. Use your creativity in experimenting in order to find the flavor that can prove to be perfect.

Final Thoughts

Using an electric smoker is indeed one thing that requires skills. However, this does not mean that there is no way that beginners can end up making the best smoked meats. By simply following the electric smoker tips that have been mentioned above, you can easily end up being a pro and making people want for more of your smoked meat.